Is Doterra bug spray for horses a healthy alternative?

The best way to keep your animal healthy during the summer is to make a homemade fly spray for horses that is not full of chemicals

Doterra bug repellentIf you own a horse, then you know that the cost of caring for them can be expensive; especially when using the more traditional solutions and constantly buying products at the tack shop.

The good news is there are some excellent homemade fly spray for horses that are cost-effective and easy to make. From flies and parasites to colic and injury, natural remedies such as essential oils are simple and effective alternatives!

Essential Oils for Horses

Humans as well as horses can benefit from natural alternatives such as essential oils. For example, one can use a store-bought fly spray made from synthetic chemicals or use a home-made natural essential Oils for tic repellent for horses. There is simply no comparison as essential oils are much better health choices for you and your horse; and will work just as effectively. The key to success when using Doterra bug repellent for horses is to use therapeutic grade oils and not the perfume or aromatherapy grade oils; the latter oils are not as effective although less expensive because they are not the pure plant essence and contain solvents from the manufacturing process!

Doterra bug spray for horses recipes

Flies cause immense problems for animals, especially for horses and cattle. Flies not only bite and damage the skin, but they also carry parasites or diseases that can be transmitted to the animal. So keeping flies at bay is important to the health of your horses and again can be addressed using Doterra bug spray with therapeutic essential oils.

Doterra bug repellent recipe

If you are tired of spending money for foul-smelling or chemical containing sprays, then try this homemade fly spray for horses:

Doterra bug spray

Mix these ingredients together, shake well and place in a spray bottle for a handy natural fly repellent that also smells nice! Your horse (and you) will love this essential oil recipe. And we can say goodbye to skin rashes, liver problems and other health issues that result from us using toxic fly sprays!

Doterra bug spray conclusion

Horses and other animals can take advantage of the same natural remedies that benefit humans. There are many companies that produce products for your horse; but, one can create natural and non-toxic Doterra bug repellent for horses easily with therapeutic grade essential oils. We can use them for everything including combating flies and parasites, managing pain and reducing stress!

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