How is tea tree oil for dogs used?

Is tea tree oil safe for dogs and if so how should tea tree be used safely to in sure the health and wellness of your best friend?

Tea tree oil for dogs

With the advent of warmer weather and longer daylight come games of Frisbee and catch ball with your doggie at the park or perhaps a hike in the backwoods. It’s marvelous to go out and smell the fresh air, watch the greening of the trees and hear the chirping of busy birds as they fly to and fro, gathering material for their nests. But the warmer weather has its nasty side as well – mosquitoes and other bugs that delight in making a meal of you and your furry friend.

Tea tree oil, often referred to as the “wonder from Down Under” is a wonder indeed. This amazing essential oil from Australia should be in every first aid kit. Indeed, when I was in Australia last year, no decent Aussie household would be found without a vial or two in their medicine cabinet. If there ever was such a thing as a magic potion, then tea tree oil for dogs would have to be it.

Identified as having no less than 48 properties, it has been scientifically proven to be an antiseptic of extraordinary strength, it is at the same time non-toxic and a non-irritant and proven to be soothing and healing.

Is tea tree oil safe for dogs

The use of tea tree oil by the Australian military in the second world war is legendary. Australian Soldiers fighting in the jungles of the Pacific were less susceptible to tropical diseases and their infantry had the healthiest feet (very important if you are in the infantry) of all the allied forces. The reason being that mosquitoes and other bugs apparently are not fond of tea tree oil so these disease bearing insects moved on to other armies.

Why so? Well, the Australian soldiers sprayed themselves with a solution of water and tea tree oil thus ensuring that they would be found to be unappetizing to those pesky bugs. They also bathed their sore feet in water to which drops of tea tree oil were added. This cleansed their feet, soothed them and promoted a quick healing process for any cuts, sores or abrasions.

Using tea tree oil on dogs

Regarding putting putting tea tree oil I would suggest before heading into the great outdoors, buy yourself some good quality tea tree oil, add a few drops to a spray bottle of water, and spray both yourself and your dog. Be sure to get your dog’s underbelly done – this is where our pets are most vulnerable. Now you can rest easy that you doggie won’t be coming home with any bites!

Another good tea tree oil item to have on hand is an antibiotic cream or gel. A scuffle for that ball or long hike up rough mountain terrain can mean scrapes and cuts to your dog’s feet. Bathe the feet and wounds with a solution of tea tree oil and water, pat dry, and apply the cream to promote quick healing.

Tea tree oil on dogs

Fleas! To prevent them from making a home of your dog simply spray just like you would against other bugs. If your doggie has somehow inadvertently picked up a squadron or so, rub tea tree oil all over his body – those fleas will literally flee. Using a doggie shampoo with tea tree oil is good too, and the side benefit is that your dog’s coat will take on a super healthy shine and his skin will be silkier and softer too!

What I like about using tea tree oil on dogs, especially against bugs, is that it has none of the harmful effects of other insect deterrents. I know that when I buy a good quality tea tree oil for dogs and put it to use on my dog that no harm will come to him.

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