Alternative natural remedies for horses

Doterra oils for horses is just one of the alternatives to traditional veterinary and one that sure be much considered

Doterra oils for horsesTraditional veterinary medicine, much like in the human world, is often based on treating symptoms rather than the cause, or the underlying problem. Alternative natural remedies for horses, on the other hand, are ancient forms of treatment that take a holistic veterinary care approach to the whole body, mind, and spirit of the horse, to treat the underlying causes of problems manifesting in the body, and promote an overall sense of well being.

There are many types of alternative natural remedies for horses used to treat a large range of problems that your horse may be experiencing. It is recommended that alternative treatments be used regularly as a preventative treatment such as Doterra oils, rather than having to use them as a treatment after damage has been done such as horse liniment a widely used product. Below are some of the most commonly practiced alternative therapies for equine treatment, and well being.

A list of natural remedies for horses


Acupuncture, as an alternative therapy, which uses tiny needles inserted into meridians, or certain parts of the horse’s body, to maintain the horses balance, as well as promote good overall health. The examination and treatment requires close observation of the horse to identify the points of the body that need the treatment.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic treatments also need close observation of the horse, after a close observation the horse’s body is then manipulated to improve the flexibility of the horses spine, and joints. Horse chiropractic therapy is much the same as human chiropractic therapy and can increase the performance of a horse by moving joints into place to assist with overall performance.

Body Work

Bodywork is the term for another natural remedy that uses massage therapy, which treats soreness in the horse’s muscles. Unlike chiropractic therapy; bodywork concentrates on the horses muscles, rather than joints. This therapy is used to promote efficient movement by taking away the soreness in the horse’s muscles.


Using naturally occurring substances diluted down to minute particles are the basics of homeopathy medicine. This therapy is used for treating diseases in a horse’s body. Homeopathy is an ancient Chinese form of medicine, which has been used successfully with horses and humans alike to treat a large range of diseases, and illnesses. Homeopathy is usually used along with other alternative therapies, such as chiropractic, bodywork, and acupuncture.

Essential oils and horses

Essential oils and horsesAromatherapy for horses such as calming essential oils for horses, assist in healing, and promote a sense of wellness. Aromatherapy is often used alongside herbs in a horse’s diet, to reduce irritation of the digestive tract, for better overall health, and well being. It is great how well essential oils  works with such oils like peppermint for joint pains or swelling legs. From our experience the best oil for horses is Doterra oils for horses because the therapeutic properties are worth paying a little more.

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Other Physical Therapies

There are many physical therapies being introduced to treat pain in horse’s tissues, and bones. Some of these therapies are known as magnetic therapy, laser therapies, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound, and are often used by veterinarians.

In most cases, the horse body can heal itself without medicines, synthetic, or alternative. But when natural therapies are used, they provide quicker healing times, and a feeling of overall well being, which will put the horses body into the healing mode faster, and possibly reduce healing times considerably.

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