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Doterra essential oils for pets and larger animal has become an important part of our animals lives, helping to keep them fit, happy and healthy

Doterra oils for animalsMy wife and I are always being ask about alternative methods of care for our animals especial my wife’s horse and in some respects our dogs. I personally do not believe in fusing with animals too much, so apart from giving them a good basic food, enough excises and taking the hard decisions when the time comes, the only other thing we believe benefits their lives is Doterra oils for animals and pets.

Our dogs have enjoyed a happy and health life, firstly they were many years in the countryside and now in a small town which does mean lots for walking for us, but our relationship with our dogs are far closer. They diet is fresh meat and uncooked vegetables and a mid priced dry food. In addition, plenty of walking, socializing with other dogs and lots of love from us. We have found that this has worked for us for many years, considering they quite old and still fit and energetic.

The horse on the other hand has been with us since she was born and again a basic diet of oats and hay has seemed to have been working well for many years in addition to being riding 5 times a week for about 1.5 – 2 hours a time.

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Even though keeping to a basic routine is a good and simple way to treat ones animals or pets sometimes there is a need for something extra regarding medical care. Of course taking your animals to the vet is a good idea if the situation is really bad, but most of the time there is a simple solution to many of the smaller ailments animals seems to get, fleas, behavoual problems and so on. Sometimes, even som e of the bigger problems such as horse colic can be treated if caught early enough. We have found that the most power solution is Doterra oils for animals. Essential oils for 1000’s of years has been used, but only recently have they been used on animals such as horses, dogs and cat.

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In this blog I have written some of our personal experiences of using essential oils on our animal and the success we have had, saving us money, time and stress that accrues from taking our pets to the vets. I have created the blog into 3 parts; horses, dogs and cats

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